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Springfield Helpers


Woof! I’m Lucy and I am a Maremma livestock guardian dog. You may know about my breed from the movie Odd Ball. In this movie, a Maremma dog learns to protect penguins from foxes. Maremmas were bred in Italy hundreds of years ago to protect flocks of sheep from wolves. Now, we protect all types of livestock, including free range chickens!

I’ve been at Springfield Pastured Egg Farm since 2015. My main job is protecting the chickens from wedge-tailed eagles and foxes. My pal Paddy and I protect 3,000 hens, and we reckon we are pretty good at our job.

We have a special bark to tell the chickens about possible danger, and when they hear that bark, they head for their shed. We also take it in turns to patrol the hen range and work really well as a team.

My worst habit is eating the odd egg or two, but they’re so yummy I can’t resist. I love my human family and when I’m around my kids, I like to protect them too. My favourite time on the farm is summer when I stay up late at night and try to catch grasshoppers!


Woof! I joined Lucy at Springfield Pastured Egg Farm in 2016. I used to work at another farm, but it closed down, so I’m lucky to have found a new job protecting Springfield’s chickens.

When I first came to Springfield Pastured Egg Farm, I wasn’t sure about interacting with people because I’d never done that before. I was really scared of my boss Ben because he is so tall, but now I love him so much that I lick him on the face. He cooks Lucy and I mince mixed with vegetables and pasta and it’s the best. I love food so much that I’ve become a bit roley poley around the middle, but who’s counting calories anyway!

I think I’m really good at my job. Lucy and I keep the foxes away and bark at the eagles when they come near our flocks. We once killed a snake, but don’t try that at home.

I have a special bark for the chickens to tell them to run back to their shed. This is to tell them there’s eagles around and to take cover! Sometimes they don’t listen, just like naughty children, so I have to nudge them with my nose in the right direction.