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Springfield Pastured Eggs supplies small supermarkets, grocers and restaurants. What all of our customers comment on is the full and rich flavour of our eggs. And it’s not just us. In 2017, we were awarded State Winners by a panel of the nation’s top food critics in the coveted Delicious Produce Awards. So what makes Springfield eggs taste so good?

Ben would say it’s the ‘one-percenters’ that make all the difference…

  • FREE FROM. Springfield Pastured Eggs are produced free from antibiotics, hormones and chemicals.
  • NO SYNTHETIC DYES. No artificial or synthetic dyes are added to our hen feed to produce a fake yolk colour – our yolks are a natural colour and the result of what hen’s seasonally naturally forage from the ground including seeds, clover, bugs and grass. In summer and autumn, yolks are lighter. In winter and spring, yolks are darker as a result of the clover and grass our hens eat.
  • PASTURE-FED. At 560m above sea level and in a high rainfall area, our hens have access to rich pasture all year round containing the best of nature’s offerings.
  • LOW STOCKING DENSITY. Our hens are stocked at low density and never above 750 birds per hectare. Springfield birds are genuinely free range!
  • SUPERIOR NUTRITIONAL VALUE. Because of their pasture-fed diet and exposure to sunlight, our eggs are higher in essential vitamins such as Omega 3 and Vitamins D and E.
  • CHEMICAL FREE. Our paddocks are free from chemicals and pesticides.
  • BIRD WELFARE. Our birds are kept in high welfare conditions which includes abundant access to pasture, perching space, scratching & dust bathing areas, sunlight, shade, premium grain and pure rainwater gravity fed to their sheds. They have plenty of room for exercise, socialisation and entertainment.
  • SAFE CHOOKS. Our birds receive excellent protection from predators from our Maremma dogs Lucy & Paddy. Happy and healthy chooks make better eggs!
  • HACCP CERTIFIED. Springfield Pastured Eggs is HACCP certified and independently audited for its food safety and handling processes and practices.

Here’s what makes Springfield Pastured Eggs different from the rest:

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