Springfield Pastured Eggs

Made with nature by pasture-raised hens.

Springfield Hens
Omelet -half fry

Why buy Springfield Pastured Eggs?

  • Our birds are stocked at <750 birds per hectare
  • We use NO hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or synthetic dyes
  • Our hens spend all day every day outside.
  • Genuinely free range!
  • All birds have access to fresh, fertile pasture
  • A state winner in the 2017 Delicious Produce Awards
  • HACCP accredited
  • High welfare standards
  • Family owned and operated.
  • Bought these last week for a ‘change’ and what a change they were. These eggs are beautiful and I don’t hand out 5 stars easily. Absolutely superb and well worth the 5 stars. Your chooks are happy chooks and it tells in the taste of the egg. Well done!

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  • The best eggs ever. They use these at my partner’s work, they are now the only ones I will eat. Genuinely free range, they taste amazing.

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  • Amazing produce by a very dedicated team! I’ll certainly be recommending Springfield Pastured Eggs, they are delicious! Keep up the good work guys!

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  • I started using Springfield Pastured Eggs in our cafe mid 2016. After almost 9 months, I’m thrilled to have these guys as part of our ongoing supply team. Not only are they local and delicious, the consistency of freshness and quality is a credit to Ben, Lena and team. Your meticulous dedication to what you do is evident in the number of eggs we poach, scramble and fry each week.

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